• Peri & Sons Farms
  • Packaging Design System - Organic OnionsVogel Designs developed a new retail consumer packaging system for all varieties of onions.
  • Packaging Design System - Premium OnionsPremium-with-Basket
  • Packaging Design System - Red OnionsRed-no-Basket
  • Packaging Design - CartonsPSF-New-Cartons
  • Trade Advertising CampaignPSF-Produce-News---HONEST-3.925x3-FINAL
  • Packaging Design System - Sweet OnionsSweet-no-Basket
  • Packaging Design System - Sweetie Sweet OnionsSweetie-no-Basket
  • Packaging Design System - White OnionsWhite-no-Basket
  • Packaging Design System - Yellow OnionsYellow-no-Basket
  • Product PhotographyPremium-with-Spilled-Basket-Sign
  • Packaging Design - Wine Tag LabelsWine-Tag-Labels
  • Trade Advertising CampaignPSF-Prog-Groc---Sweetie-2014-1-2-pg-horizontal-Ad-FINAL
  • Trade Advertising CampaignPSF-Produce-News---SUMMER-3.925x3-FINAL

Peri & Sons Farms

Family-owned Grower of Premium Onions
Yerington, Nevada

Refine existing brand to convey the heritage and experience of family, while appealing to the next generation of customers.

Develop a new brand platform, including new Mission Statement, Core Values, Positioning Statement and resulting Tagline. Develop “Where good things grow” to communicate the company’s legacy of producing the finest quality onions, delivering the best service, utilizing the latest technologies, and using the most sustainable methods. The “grow” concept was extended to all company communications, including ads, presentations and web site. Brand styles and graphics, including a “growth curve”, were created to support the position.

The brand refinement and position were completed in Fall 2009. The execution of the brand began with ads in January 2010, and has continued through all forms of communications in the years since then. Adjustments and refinements have ensured that the brand remains fresh. Industry feedback continues to be overwhelmingly positive, and the company has seen continued sales increases.



Peri & Sons Farms