[ vogel ] German for bird.

Our mission is the same in any language:
Use design and creativity to solve business problems.

You make business decisions based on information. The better the information, the better the results.
Our business works the same way. The better the information, the better the design solution.

Anyone can make pretty pictures. But if they’re not founded in careful research and accurate data, they won’t fly very long. That’s why our strategic approach to projects works. It’s what allows us to deliver solutions that are both attractive and effective.


Vogel Designs was founded in 2009, but the talents and expertise that created it have been in the works for many years. The principals, Derek and Kelly Vogel, have fueled the creative efforts of other agencies and firms for more than 20 years.

Our People

Derek Vogel – Principal
With formal training from Arizona State University’s highly regarded graphic design program, and more than 20 years in the field, Derek oversees the firm’s graphic output. His professional experience crosses the spectrum of design – from corporate design and ID, to the early days of the web, to software user interface design, to traditional advertising, to consumer goods packaging, to branding and strategy.

Although his work is not limited to any industry, the bulk of Derek’s experience lies in:

  • Produce / Agriculture
  • Technology for Motion Picture
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Real Estate

Kelly Vogel – Principal
Kelly handles architectural and interior projects that comprise the firm’s environments discipline. She earned a bachelor’s degree in interior design, and like Derek, has used her training in a wide range of applications – from product management, to retail merchandising, to project management, to space planning, to residential projects, to commercial and hospitality projects.

Some of the types of projects Kelly has designed include:

  • Commercial Gaming
    • Casino space planning
    • Restaurant design
    • Bar and barback design
    • Interior and exterior lighting
    • Custom furniture and carpet design
  • Hotel / Resort
    • Lobby interior
    • Spa interiors
    • Room interiors
    • Restaurant and bar design
    • Custom furniture and carpet design
  • Residential
    • Interior space planning
    • Interior colors and surfaces
    • Interior and exterior lighting

To learn more about Vogel Designs, and what we can do for you, please contact us.